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Noticias de Ethereum More From Trading, Courtesy of RCOF

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The crypto market is about to be taken over by AI, just as the experts predicted. Most of the top DeFi coins have started incorporating AI in their features, and even the new tokens are leaning towards offering more AI solutions.

An anonymous Shiba Inu developer has endorsed some top crypto AI tokens that could deliver massive pumps this year. Injective (INJ), Theta Network (THETA), and the new RCO Finance (RCOF) made the list, and you’ll soon see why.

Injective Forms Bullish Patterns on the Charts

The INJ token reset its ATH in March, as the Bitcoin-inspired rallies saw some of the best tokens reach new heights then. However, that spike led to an overbought situation, and Injective lost some 65% of its price before April 13.

That loss was followed by a spike to $20, where Injective holders hold onto the token’s price. Injective has been forming a symmetrical triangle pattern for the past two weeks, which could mean a pump is underway. The INJ price is stabilizing now as a correction follows each spike.

However, to reach the returns the anonymous Shiba Inu developer predicted, the next correction has to end above $31. With that, Injective could reach its maximum prediction of $74 for 2024.

RCO Finance: More From Trading, Courtesy of RCOF

Even if every other form of DeFi dips at some point, the trading sector always has some asset on the rise. The issue is that many DeFi trading platforms must feature a wide range of assets for their users.

RCO Finance is correcting that with its benefits. On the RCOF platform, you not only deal with cryptocurrencies. Many are available, but you also have other asset classes on the platform. 

You have company shares, bonds, foreign currency, and even the new ETFs to trade. The result of so many options for your portfolio is that there’s always a bullish asset–you simply have to find it.

In addition, the platform offers access to a unique AI tool called Robo Advisor. This tool is RCO Finance’s solution to obtaining profits, where machine learning algorithms pave the way for profitable trading. The program analyzes several assets, noting and suggesting market positions–both entry and exit points–that are consistent with your trading preferences. 

With AI revolutionizing the DeFi space, RCO Finance is already at the forefront of trading. The RCOF presale offers even more mind-blowing expectations.

Theta Network Has a Breakout on the Cards

Many analysts have been closely observing top altcoins with prospects for huge returns this year, and just like with this anonymous Shiba Inu developer, Theta Network keeps turning up on the radar. Word among the crypto experts says THETA is forming a bullish pattern–and a 100% rebound is brewing.

CobraVanguard, one of the analysts monitoring the THETA price, compiled a report in May on how the Theta Network was to face uncertain movements, even falling below $1.9, before spiking upwards toward $3.7. The token previously reached $3.7 in March, in the heat of the token spikes; now, a return to that level represents an increase of over 100%.

Despite the dip in THETA price, the network has experienced a 13% rise in trading volume in the past 24 hours. This relative stability adds to the reasons Theta Network could be on its way to new heights this year.

INJ and THETA experienced bearish struggles before the pump predictions. RCO Finance, on the other hand, intends to land in the top crypto AI coins list soon.

And its set of features is the recipe for such a leap.

RCOF Presale: Buy and Hold for Maximum Gains!

For starters, the RCOF tokens are selling for $0.0127 each. They are only in Stage 1 of the presale, but with 3000% ROI to be claimed by launch day, RCO Finance tokens are quite the catch already. And you can imagine everything you can do when a $1,000 investment returns $30,000.

But 3,000% gains are only the start. RCO Finance is bringing innovation to the DeFi space, and with the token’s potential, experts are expecting some 1000x soon after the RCOF tokens launch, especially considering its token burn arrangement to sustain the coin’s growth.

Investors love a secure trading environment. News of SolidProof’s audit of RCO Finance’s smart contract will generate more traction. Throw in the Robo Advisor, and you’ll see why experts believe RCOF will be around for a long time.

To be a part of it, you can access RCO Finance’s landing page here.

For more information about the RCO Finance Presale:

Visit RCO Finance Presale 

Join The RCO Finance Community

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