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Noticias de Ethereum Floki Inu Now Has Perpetual Futures on Coinbase As Mollars Token Presale Passes $1.4M  — Massive Effects

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Floki Inu (FLOKI) token is the 56th most traded cryptocurrency on the market today. Priced at $0.000223, it’s seen a 616% growth on the year. It appears Coinbase has taken notice of that demand, adding the Shiba Inu-inspired memecoin to its perpetual futures contract listings.

On X, Floki Inu shared a message about the listing with its followers:

@Coinbase  is a highly compliant and regulated exchange. It is also the biggest and most respected crypto exchange in the US (by far!), and one of the world’s biggest exchanges, boasting over 100 million users, over $330 billion safeguarded assets, and $312 BILLION in quarterly volume, making it the premier #cryptocurrency platform for both institutions and retail investors.

This listing is a testament to industry leaders recognizing #FLOKI as a mature asset. It significantly enhances FLOKI’s market liquidity as we strive to become the world’s most recognized and widely used cryptocurrency.”

The long-winded note made great points to the meme coin’s nearly 597K followers.    It highlights the number of crypto traders and money exchanges that could suddenly create a positive in-flow to the market cap of the $FLOKI token.  

Floki Inu Price Prediction

The sudden addition of value to the Floki inu brand is predicted to spark a short-term price increase, possibly lifting the token’s value to a number with 1 less zero; a new high of $0.001.

The gain in value would be an impressive feat for $FLOKI token holders as the increase to $0.001 would be nearly 8x the value of their investment today.  However, Floki Inu’s price prediction is highly dependent on what happens with the ERC-20 world after the hype of Ethereum’s spot ETF approval dies down.

The popular memecoin is almost at its all-time high of $0.00033651 currently.   With less than $0.0014 to gain to top that, the November 2021 ATH appears to be on its way of being outdone.

And while Floki Inu investors are hodling, expecting this new high, a new trend has emerged among its followers. Like the Kaspa and Bonk Inu migrations, Mollars (MOLLARS) presale fever appears to have struck the $FLOKI audience as well.

Mollars fever” is a term to sum up the unprecedented migration of crypto users migrating from around the different memecoin groups to buy into the token presale of Ethereum-blockhain’s coming store of value token.    

Flokies are Gobbling Mollars Tokens During its Presale

Set to launch on June 2nd, Floki Inu traders have become the 8th most common altcoin held by $MOLLARS token presale buyers per report. The top 10 position signifies that likely 5 to 6 figures (USD) have been spent on $MOLLARS tokens by the $FLOKI crowd;  likely from users looking to erase losses in their portfolio or simply achieve higher gains.   With Floki Inu’s low performance over the past 30 days, either is possible.

Mollars itself is not a memecoin but instead an altcoin. Unlike the Floki memecoin, it also has utility as well.   

Is Mollars A Useful Token?

First, it serves as a store-of-value token, hedging against global inflation. This is Mollar’s principal purpose.   Like Bitcoin, it’s an SOV  token that works on a low total token supply and increases in value with higher demand from buyers.

Secondly, the token is also the native cryptocurrency of the new decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, Mollars.cc. Set to be launched on or before September 15th, the DEX is believed to allow cryptocurrency traders the option of cross-chain exchanges with ease.   The Mollars DEX will allow cross-chaining between 10 different networks.

A third quality of the $MOLLARS token but not a utility is its low-cost transaction fees.  The ERC-20 token is based on Ethereum-Blockchain, which bests  Bitcoin-Blockchain in all ways.  Mollars will complete transactions faster, be more scalable, and have lower transaction fees than its rival $BTC.

Does the $FLOKI token have utility?

Floki Inu unfortunately has nothing comparable to offer in terms of utility.   It’s speculated that the lack of real utility and low-profit gains is why most of the meme-coiners are moving their funds in multiple transactions to buy into the Mollars token presale.

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