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NFT Market NFT REVIEW NEWS Wildcard Aims for Glory with Streamer Optimized Web3 Battle Arena

NFT Review Market

In the world of competitive entertainment, not all folks are built the same. Some excel in the arena, utilizing heightened levels of coordination and mental agility to defeat their foes. Others will take on the mantle of ambassador, chronicling exploits through live streamed commentary. While loud boisterous types will don their shirts with pride and yell support from the stands, the more calm and collected will work form the side-lines to quietly build up the profile of their team.

Welcome to the high-octane world of Wildcard—glory is not just reserved for the champions, but everyone taking part. Every aspect takes into consideration the many facets of participation. Thus, rewarding each for their vital contributions towards a hard-fought victory.

With this in mind, the Wildcard Alliance will launch its real time strategy MOBA, a thrilling blend of battle-arena action fused with collectible card game mechanics. And as a result, the Wildcard gilded chariot rides the cutting edge of Web3 into a brand-new era of collective consciousness.

Rich Lore Crafted by Those Taking Part

Wildcard is the first title to come out of the Wildcard Alliance, a new Web3-focused arm of Playful Studios. This ambitious project aims to turn the world of gaming on its head, taking it from a casual pastime into a grand and all immersive entertainment experience.

Champions face off in a mighty arena wielding powerful ‘Wildcards,’ that when cast, summon fearsome creatures to battle by their side. The result is a spectacle to behold, as high-resolution imagery and a beautifully rendered playing field immerse participants in a high-stakes, high-octane battle of brains and brawn.

The initial invite-only alpha release will see two bitter foes locked in a battle to save the universe. Participants will follow Bolgar and Locke as they enter the grudge match looking to hone their individual skills. This alpha phase will culminate in an ultimate showdown in the Frostburn Arena during a grandiose live event to air in late Summer ‘22.

For the initial narrative, two streamers will take on the mantle of the would-be heroes, while the wider community will influence the proceedings. Once the dust has settled, the results will become lore, and a new chapter in the world of Wildcard will begin.

Under the Hood

Wildcard will benefit from the wealth of gaming experience of its developer Wildcard Alliance and its parent company, Playful Studios. Wildcard Alliance is full of industry veterans who have helped usher in hugely successful titles such as Age of Empires, Orcs Must Die, and Words With Friends.

Additional clout behind the project comes from Wildcard Alliance’s partnership with blockchain investment firm, Paradigm. Paradigm has opened its doors to the project with an invaluable array of expertise and resources while layer 2 juggernaut Polygon will bring its all powerful blockchain scaling solution to the table. Polygon’s tech will enable lightning-fast transaction speeds and reliable infrastructure, while keeping fees so low that they will mimic the average micro-transactions within the wider gaming industry.

The blockchain unlocks our ability to create an open, decentralized platform for video game competition owned by its players and fans“. – Matt Huang – Paradigm Co-Founder

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So, get ready for the next generation of Web3 gaming as a new kind of ecosystem prepares to face off in the play-to-earn arena!

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