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NFT Market NFT REVIEW NEWS Sparkles NFT Marketplace Goes Live on Flare

Innovative NFT marketplace, Sparkles, has made history by launching on the Flare layer-1 EVM network on March 2. This makes Sparkles the first NFT platform to launch on Flare, which went live in January 2023, and it is expected to transform the NFT market with its unique features and functionalities.

The main goal of the collaboration is to enhance the interoperability of native Flare protocols, which will allow NFT holders to use their NFTs more flexibly across different blockchain ecosystems and internet platforms. Furthermore, the platform aims to tackle a critical challenge in the NFT space, namely intellectual property (IP) rights, by integrating on-chain IP licensing into upcoming collections. This step will give NFT owners greater control over their NFTs and safeguard their IP rights.

Sparkles’ commitment to sustainability is noteworthy, as it is the only NFT marketplace in the blockchain space to achieve an environmentally positive status. The platform has exceeded its pledge to become net-zero by 2030 and worked with SCB, a leading carbon commodity firm, to estimate the platform’s carbon footprint and purchase carbon credits to offset the emissions. Sparkles used Toucan’s bridge to retire the credits on-chain, making it the most eco-friendly NFT platform operating today.

Flare’s core protocols for decentralized interoperability applications will undoubtedly aid Sparkles in achieving its goals. With Flare’s State Connector protocol, developers can leverage Flare’s network to build interoperable applications that work seamlessly across various blockchain ecosystems and internet platforms, presenting a significant opportunity for Sparkles to create a unique NFT ecosystem that is both versatile and user-friendly.

Sparkles Making Waves in the NFT Space

Since its launch on Songbird, the canary network for Flare, Sparkles has been a resounding success, having facilitated 90% of its NFT sales , totaling $3.5 million. The platform boasts over 3,200 collections and is expected to achieve even more significant milestones on Flare’s layer-1 Oracle network.

“Sparkles is honored to be leading the way when it comes to NFTs on Flare,” said Mohamed Kanoun, Sparkles founder. “We believe Flare will be home to many new artists, brands, companies, games, metaverses, and much more. The future is bright for NFTs on the Flare Network.”

Sparkles’ APIs are integrated into Bifrost Wallet, the most widely used Flare wallet, and D’Cent Wallet, allowing users to manage their NFTs directly. This integration offers a more seamless experience for users, making it easier to access and manage their NFTs.

In conclusion, Sparkles launch on Flare is a significant milestone in the NFT market, making it the first NFT platform on the new layer 1 Oracle network. The platform’s unique features, including its environmentally positive status, on-chain IP licensing, and integration with Flare’s interoperability protocols, make it a strong contender in the competitive NFT market. 

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