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NFT Market NFT REVIEW NEWS Join the Comic Book Renaissance with Satoshi Master of Disguise

In a fictional world, not too dissimilar to our own, the villainous stratagem of centralized finance has all but toppled the crypto empire, employing high levels of subterfuge and skulduggery to spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt through the blockchain-based ecosystem. This has led to a dystopian landscape where wealthy corporations have full control over the finances of the masses, leaving them trapped in a vicious cycle of market manipulation and devious interest rates.

As all seems lost, a shining beacon of light has emerged from the darkness. An enigmatic faceless figure, whose very being will strike fear into banking conglomerates far and wide. A legend of world renown known by many names, however, most will call him Satoshi – Master of Disguise (SMoD).

Drawing on the elusive nature of the infamous crypto messiah, Blockchain Comics aims to set the Web3 world to rights by utilizing the might of the blockchain to launch 10k unique NFT avatars. They will in turn power an accompanying graphic novel where the story will be determined by a series of character traits, making it a worthy asset that owners can then monetize via the creation and distribution of physical and digital copies, and share to the wider world.

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It All Starts with 10,000 NFTs

SMoD will take to Web3 in the shape of 10k unique NFT avatars minted on the carbon neutral ImmutableX blockchain, launching in a wide range of vivid images featuring a combination of six layers, 185 individual traits, and five degrees of scarcity. Each one will determine the narrative of the holder’s provably unique comic book story.

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The first such NFTs will arrive on July 14 via an exclusive pre-sale on the ImmutableX marketplace. So, keep tabs on the project’s socials for details on how to bag an exceptional early bird SMoD NFT, all with the added bonus of achieving the grand old status of ‘founding member’.

Take to the Twittersphere to find out how to claim >> Here!

The Utility is in the Comic

With many an NFT project, the launch marks an end to the excitement, with SMoD however, the launch is where it begins. Each holder of a SMoD NFT will gain access to their very own bespoke graphic novel. A masterpiece in non-fungible circles that will draw upon an NFT’s individual character traits to generate a one-of-a-kind comic.

Therefore, within its exclusive pages, owners will see a variation of dialogue and characters depending on the accumulated traits of the NFT they own, while additionally seeing the complexity and rarity of the narrative increasing based upon the number of characters held within the connected wallet.

Furthermore, through its grand new ‘Decentralized Publishing’ initiative, Blockchain Comics will then encourage owners to further monetize their fine assets by providing the tools required to publish copies of their merchandise both physically and digitally.

Community is its Beating Heart

While the SMoD project makes up the non-fungible side of Blockchain Comics, the community remains as its beating heart with a meaningful and long lasting society of members as they engage with the future of the platform. Blockchain Comics will introduce a community voting procedure to give members a say in its progression and secure its future for many years to come.

“The community is key. By making SMoD holders our sole distributors and giving them a vote on the parameters of our portal, we are putting them at the heart of this project.” PaulPaul – Blockchain Comics Co-Founder

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Blockchain Comics

Blockchain Comics is an innovative new concept that looks to circulate comic books through the Web3 ecosystem and revolutionize the industry with its pioneering Decentralized Publishing offering. This will empower individuals to own and distribute their own content in both the real and virtual worlds.

“We started with the idea of a comic book being created on the blockchain, which could be a parody of the invention of blockchain technology. We soon realized that to do this justice, we would need to innovate technology to create a distribution system that could only exist in the NFT space.”PaulPaul – Blockchain Comics Co-Founder

Take a gander at the official SMoD website >> Here

Learn more about Blockchain Comics >> Here

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