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NFT Market NFT REVIEW NEWS DeGods III Downgrade Designs to Upgrade Community Efforts

Intriguingly shifting towards aesthetic simplicity, DeGods III avatars embrace an unusual ‘Downgrade’ design. Inspired by cherished artists like Hiroshi Nagai and Roy Lichtenstein and boards from the Web3 builder platform Are.na, the refurbished NFT collectibles are characterized by minimalist details, flat designs, and selective highlight tones to enhance depth and purity. 

By embracing Midjourney’s cutting-edge AI technology, DeGods has experimented with thousands of prompts for each DeGod III trait — all of which have been infused into a tool, making artificial intelligence more easily accessible to its Discord community.

So, DeGods III holders, prepare to Downgrade your DeGods III for just 333 $DUST!

Another Notable Change, Despite Prior Promises

By acknowledging the importance of community feedback, resonance, and inclusivity, the DeGods team has postponed the debut of Female DeGods, despite being promised just days ago. Still, the NFT project aims to unite efforts with women community members, listening to their insights before making significant project changes.

DeGods is aware that alterations and imperfections come hand-in-hand. As the project’s team works toward creating fresher designs, they are receptive to crowdsourcing solutions to tackle layering snags.

All members who notice errors within the DeGods III NFTs are encouraged to speak up through the community’s Discord channel. 

A New Engagement Era – ‘Points Parlor’

But wait, there’s more! Long-term success through community discussion isn’t DeGods’ only focus. Launched on August 14 — alongside DeGods III Downgrade avatars — is its ‘Points Parlor, enabling DeGods holders to earn loyalty points in return for grand rewards. Hefty prizes include $DUST coins from the Season III Downgrades and brand-sponsored perks worth more than $250,000. 

Points Parlor also forges a connection for brands to boost their presence in the DeGods realm by strengthening engagements and creating mutual benefits. 

Through its creative Downgrade and Points Parlor, DeGods is transforming into a hub whereby art, community and commerce converge. Bring it on! 

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