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NFT Market NFT REVIEW NEWS Crypto Twitter Buzzes for Opepen Edition NFTs

A Pepe meme-influenced Ethereum NFT collection, ‘Opepen Edition‘, initially curated by graphic artist Jack Butcher, experienced a notable rise in worth and acclaim spurred by social media hype this week. 

Raising from around $894.39 (0.47 ETH) to approximately $1712 (0.90 ETH) in just five days (despite initially being distributed for free), the floor price of the Opepen collectibles now stands at $1541.39 (0.81 ETH), according to CoinGecko — and its all thanks to an act of kindness. 

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Beauty of the Crypto Twitter Community

Interestingly, the initial buzz surrounding these Opepen Edition NFTs boiled down to a playful rivalry between two Web3 influences, ‘Bored Elon Music’ and ‘ThreadGuy‘. 

Bored — an active supporter of Butcher’s digital artworks and the top owner of Opepen NFTs — suggested swapping one of his Opepen collectibles, which happened to be one of the first of its kind, to ThreadGuy in return for one of his Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFTs. 

Although the deal fell through, this small conversation instigated a larger incident. Butcher created a customized batch of 42,000 Opepen NFTs on Zora that mirror the colors of ThreadGuys Mutant Ape, issuing ThreadGuy one of the assets for free and $2 from the proceeds of each asset. Stoked by his kindness, the recipient immediately switched his Twitter PFP to his new custom image, fueling fascination within the Crypto Twitter world.

Since Sunday, the original Opepen Edition NFTs have been referenced, advocated, and adopted by tons of top-tier celebrities and projects in the Web3 realm, including the renowned NFT marketplaces OpenSea and Rarible, who embraced the craze by showing off the avatars as Twitter PFPs.

The world-famous digital artist Beeple also paid tribute to the unity by posting numerous digital compositions surrounding the selfless gesture: 

This story illustrates the significant potential of social media and digital communities in shaping the Web3 realm, underscoring the dynamics of the digital art market and the influence of connections regarding value and popularity. But, above all, it captures the core of the NFT sphere — where art, community, and technology interact in unusual yet heart-warming ways.

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