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NFT Market NFT REVIEW NEWS A Collection of Officially Licensed Poster NFTs

With the ethos that movies don’t have to end at the credit roll, movienftz is on a mission to create an industry-standard poster NFT distribution channel.

We are excited about providing audiences with an innovative way to engage with cinema specifically through owning licensed poster NFTs. Posters are much more than advertisements, they are pieces of art that audiences have and always will collect. For example, I saw a print of the Taxi Driver poster recently sell through Sotheby’s for over $3,000,— imagine if this was of a fixed limited supply, wouldn’t fade over time, included a section of the movie’s soundtrack through being an NFT MP4 and was fully licensed”. — Founder and CEO Ryan Matthews.

The Drop

Movienftz launches with the release of 200 Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City poster NFTs licensed by Constantin Film and Constantin Music (as the NFT will be an MP4 including a section of the movie’s opening soundtrack) for a price of 0.12 Ξ each on June 12th at 10 AM PT to OpenSea.

The Resident Evil franchise, which is most well known for its now 28 games, has expanded through many forms such as novels, comics, animated films, plays, TV, merchandise, and of course movies and now NFTs.

The Resident Evil movie series, the rights of which are owned by Constantin Film, has generated a worldwide box office of over 1.25 billion across the seven movies. To date, said series is the most live-action movie adaptations of a video game and at various points throughout the 2010s, the highest-grossing zombie film series, and the highest-grossing horror film series.

Team and Future

Movienftz has partnered with Sergeant Major Keith L. Craig, whose legacy is incredible; he’s a combat veteran, entertainment executive, philanthropist, international best-selling author, and a former professional athlete in the NFL (Europe).

In 2019, Craig was part of the team that worked on the distribution strategy for all of the Disney titles which led to an industry domestic record of $3.7 billion through movies such as Avengers Endgame ($858.3M), The Lion King ($543.6M), Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker ($515.2M).

With Craig on the team, movienftz is set to become an important pillar in movie distribution — currently, they have several ongoing discussions with the licensors of some very exciting posters to follow the Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City poster NFTs.

The company is led by founder and CEO Ryan Matthews, who has a background in TV and movie production spanning across both Canada and New Zealand. Alongside Matthews and Craig are an expert set of consultants, marketers, moderators, and developers, who all have the common goal of providing audiences with more than the movie, through poster NFTs.

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