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Crypto Gaming Crypto Sport Gaming News World of Women Reveals WoW Galaxy Monopoly Game – eGamers.io

Crypto Sport Gaming

Crypto Sport Gaming are a digital newspaper that focuses on news and updates of crypto games. We think that the future of sports games is in the world of blockchain.

World of Women (WoW) has announced today, 29/6/22 a partnership with WS Game Company and Hasbro to create a Galaxy Monopoly game. 

World of Women is an NFT collection, Hasbro is a global entertainment company, and WS Game Company is a premium game developer. 

Let’s see what the Galaxy Monopoly game is about and what this partnership means.

World of Women Galaxy Monopoly game

Galaxy Monopoly is an upcoming title by World of Women that will be available exclusively for WoWG and WoW holders. The game has been possible thanks to World of Women’s partnership with Hasbro and WS Game Company.

Yam Karkai, Co-founder of WoW and an artist, said the following about this partnership:

“Partnering with a historical brand like Monopoly is an incredible opportunity for our collective and community. As the WoW franchise continues to grow, we are honored and thrilled to be in business with a category-leader like Monopoly for World of Women Galaxy.”

The game will first be dropped as an NFT and later, the NFT holders can exchange or redeem the NFT for a physical version of the board game (limited edition). This is where WS Game Company comes into play – they will make all the physical versions of the board games. 

Kerry Addis, Co-owner and VP of Product Development of WS Game Company, said the following about this partnership:

“Joining forces with another female-led business on an initiative in a historically male-dominated industry is a great opportunity to ensure equal representation across multiple industries”

What This Partnership Means for the NFT Industry

For the NFT industry, this partnership is one-of-its-kind. Some of the biggest brands in sports and entertainment have stepped foot in the NFT industry. WS Game Company a major competitor in the board game space has also come forward as the company partners with the World of Women NFT collection. 

Given that WS Game Company has produced a wide range of premium board games including Scrabble, Chutes, Risk, Ladders, Monopoly, and so on, its entry into the world of NFTs will bring new and exciting things to the industry. 

“The partnership not only marks the growth of NFTs in the consumer products space but opens up endless new digital-first possibilities for the board game industry as well”

  • Kerry Addis, Co-owner and VP of Product Development of WS Game Company

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