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Crypto Gaming Crypto Sport Gaming News DappRadar x BGA Games Report Recap – eGamers.io

Crypto Sport Gaming

Crypto Sport Gaming are a digital newspaper that focuses on news and updates of crypto games. We think that the future of sports games is in the world of blockchain.

Today we are doing a recap of the DappRadar x BGA Games Report #5 published on June 20th.

Blockchain Gaming is defying the crypto bear market as flagship games such as Illuvium, GRIT, Splinterlands, etc. see 1.15M daily active users.

Even though the crypto market has been in a downtrend since last month, blockchain games are seeing promising numbers indicating people’s interest in this new trend. 

For the first time since 2020, the crypto market cap has fallen below $1 trillion. Meanwhile, the blockchain gaming industry is seeing 2.22 million daily Unique Active Wallets. (lowest since last September)

If we are to calculate the exact numbers, the daily Unique Active Wallets have increased to only 5% from last month. When considering the sudden drop in the crypto market, 5% down in blockchain games accounts is an incredible number for the industry. 


  • Illuvium First Land Sale Generates $72 million
  • Splinterlands Still Top Blockchain Game With 350,000 UAW in May
  • GalaVerse Unveils Future Plans – Project Saturn, GRIT, TWD Empires, and Mirandus Updates
  • STEPN Receives 2 Million Monthly Users
  • Blockchain Games Receive Whopping $1.4 Billion Investment
  • A16z and Dapper Receive $1.3 billion – Biggest Web3 Investment in May

Illuvium First Land Sale Generates $72 million

Even in these market conditions, Illuvium managed to keep the public interest and sold out the game’s first-ever land sale. 

Based on the Ethereum blockchain, Illuvium sold 20,000 land plots and generated 4,018 ETH. (At the time of the sale around $72 M)

Illuvium will now release a mobile version of the game called Illuvium Zero.

Splinterlands Still Top Blockchain Game With 350,000 UAW in May

Splinterlands is still the leading game in the blockchain space. Leveraging the trading card mechanics, Splinterlands is dominating the space for each month in a row. If we compare its numbers with how the crypto market performed in April, you’ll be shocked to know that daily Unique Active Wallets (UAWs) have shrunk to only 4% since last April. 

Other than that, their SPS Node sale was also a huge success. In only 11 minutes, the first 2,000 validator node licenses were sold out. It burned $14.5 million SPS and allocated around $4 million to the game’s DAO. 

GalaVerse Unveils Future Plans – Project Saturn, GRIT, TWD Empires, and Mirandus Updates

GalaVerse is not stopping with Townstar, the company is inclined toward building a blockchain game empire. Another unique about this ecosystem is how the community drives it – thanks to decentralized nodes.

In Malta, they hosted the GalaVerse conference from June 6-8 where they shared some exciting announcements about their future. Here’s the list of announcements they made:

With all these partnerships and developments in the ecosystem, Gala Games is set to become a blockchain powerhouse. 

STEPN Receives 2 Million Monthly Users

Move-to-Earn is going to be the next big thing in blockchain and crypto as more and more users adopt this new trend. With at least 2 million daily users, STEPN is the most popular M2E DApp as 262,000 unique wallets hold its token ($GMT)

In the near future, STEPN will add functionality where users can lease their NFT sneakers to other users and earn some commission. The floor price of the NFT sneakers has also come down to 5 SOL.

A16z and Dapper Receive $1.3 billion – Biggest Web3 Investment in May

The blockchain gaming industry and metaverse projects are receiving promising numbers when it comes to investments. A16z announced a $600 million in funds boosting blockchain gaming. (called Games Fund One)

2022 alone was a successful year for metaverse and web3 gaming projects with a total of $4.9 billion in investments. Dapper Labs is also to be mentioned when we talk about big investments as they raised $725 million. 

Unfortunately, Not All Games Performed Well

While some games are giving promising numbers, there are some games that have been hit by the bear market.

Here’s How Many Users Some Games Lost:

  • Defi Kingdoms = -41% (its token JEWEL lost 99% since April)
  • Crazy Defence Heroes = -61% (its token TOWER lost 92% of value)
  • Axie Infinity = -39% On-chain activity from April 

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