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Crypto Gaming Crypto Sport Gaming News Cantina Royale – A Free-to-Play P2E Game is Now Available on iOS and Android. – eGamers.io

Crypto Sport Gaming

Crypto Sport Gaming are a digital newspaper that focuses on news and updates of crypto games. We think that the future of sports games is in the world of blockchain.

Just In! There’s a new addition to Elrond Blockchain, Cantina Royale – a new play-to-earn shooter metaverse title to take on Web3 and GameFi. 

Cantina Royale will be available to download and play on iOS and Android and Desktop systems. As the game is based on the Elrond blockchain, and the Elrond Blockchain is eco-friendly and fast, the game will utilize these features to its full capacity as well as embrace interoperability in the blockchain.

To ensure that the payment methods are compatible and supported by Google and Apple App Store, the game devs are using Verko’s payment and wallet management system.

Cantina Royale – A Free-to-Play Blockchain Game

Thanks to its free-to-play mechanism, no one needs to pay thousands of dollars to play the game and explore the game’s immersive environment.

There is absolutely no hidden fee when the users create their accounts and start playing. Also, they don’t need to put any wallet details to jumpstart their journey to the game. They can test their skills and play against other free players. 

Cantina Royale strives to bring together traditional gamers and the latest technological advances in order to make NFT games accessible for everyone. We are proud to collaborate with Elrond and Verko to fulfill this purpose,” said Dan Bojan, Game Designer at Cantina Royale. 

Cantina Royale – NFTs

In the game, there are unique characters that can be complemented and customized by third-party NFTs. If you own any NFT, for example, a Bored Ape, you can utilize them within the game’s ecosystem. 

The Team behind Cantina Royale

Led by Dan Bojan, the team behind Cantina Royale comprises 15 members. Paul Szanto, the game developer at Cantina Royale, has previously worked with Alien vs Predator, Predators, and Muffin Knight. Paul has also worked with some big fish like Google, Facebook, and Gameloft. 

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